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Pokemon Black and White Rebirth Voice cast Vo1.1
Pokemon Black and White Rebirth Cast.
Ash Ketchum: Colleen Clinkenbeard,
Pikachu: Ikue Ōtani
Purrloin: Alex Kingston
Iris: Eileen Stevens
Axew: Kayzie Rogers
Cilan: John Barrowman
Pansage: Neil Kaplin
Bianca: Erica Mendez
Bianca’s Pignite: Marc Thompson
Cheren: Todd Haberkorn
Cheren’s Snivy: Stuart Allan
Oshawott: Regina King
Lady Snivy: Melissa Fahn
Tepig: Maxey Whitehead
Pidove: Rhea Perlman
Excadrill: Christopher Sabat
Hilda: Laura Bailey
Jessie:Rachael Lillis
James:Eric Stuart
Meowth: Maddie Blaustein
Wes: Johny Young Bosh
Rui: Stephanie Sheh
Dawn:  Kari Wahlgren
Delia Ketchum: Veronica Taylor
Sabrina: Wendee Lee
Misty: Rachael Lillis
Georgia the Dragon Buster: Brittney Lee Hamilton
Burgundy: Suzy Myers
N: Tom Wayland
Blade Dewott: Troy Baker
Colress: Sean Schemmel
Anthea: Lianne Marie Dobbs
Concordia: Haven Paschall
Ghetisis: James Horan
Zekrom: Keith David.
Reserham: Zoe Caldwell
:iconlanydx:Lanydx 1 1
Uh oh by ShisutomuLuxray Uh oh :iconshisutomuluxray:ShisutomuLuxray 1 2 Shantae Shakes Things Up! by hextupleyoodot Shantae Shakes Things Up! :iconhextupleyoodot:hextupleyoodot 657 45 Shantae by NataneEklund Shantae :iconnataneeklund:NataneEklund 487 22
-AT- Just A Little Pie
Warnings: Yaoi/Slash, micro, stuffing, weight gain/WG expansion.
Summary: It's Ikki's birthday and Grandpa Grimoire has an extra special (and extra small) surprise for him this year! He shrinks Kyo! When Ikki finds him with a red berry pie sitting not that far away, the temptation is simply too good to resist. Poor Kyo!
Today was Ikki's birthday, and Kyo was preparing his last minute gift to him while his husband was out with his sister Rika picking up a few things for the party that night. He was so focused in on what he was doing, he didn't even notice as grandpa Grimoire slipped into the kitchen with a freshly made pie in hand until the smell wafted his way.
"Ah!" Kyo turned around, his eyes widening in delight at the beautiful pie that Grimoire sat down on the table. "What is that? It smells wonderful!" He said, drool almost immediately beginning to fill his mouth. He swallowed thickly and looked at Grimoire who grinned wickedly his way -which usually always meant something bad.
:iconfrivolous-magpie:frivolous-magpie 53 14
Fanart: 3D Isabelle by molegato Fanart: 3D Isabelle :iconmolegato:molegato 430 80 Son Goku and Son Gohan by Dannshee Son Goku and Son Gohan :icondannshee:Dannshee 53 8 Shantae dance by Fu-reiji Shantae dance :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 116 7




When you take a pic at the right moment

This is my character in Animal Crossing New Leaf
ants meme
Saw these suckers yesterday after leaving my friend's house. There was so many of them! So, why not make a meme?
Watch "Everyone who watches gets a shiny they want, Probably. FACECAM! Also Hoenn Hat Ash Pikachu is here!~" on YouTube

This time it's the hoenn Ash hat Pikachu
Well, I finally beat the game and caught tapu koko, using only about 4 ultra balls. Pretty fun game over all and a unique change up from the gyms.


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United States
Hi all! My name is Monique Miller. I'm just your average otaku/MLP fan. I write fanfics about Cilan, often having him turned into a kitsune due to a freak accident and killing off his brothers. He typically looks/dresses like Gohan from DBZ when he was a kid. Yes, before you ask he does have a ball on his hat. It's either the Jade orb or four star sky dragon ball, which a friend of mine came up with his own set of dragon balls. I enjoy playing video games. I also like to try making Japanese food... the keyword is try. I only got two right and they were the chicken nuggets and rice balls. I have an Instagram now if anyone wants to follow me. The name is rainbowkitsunelover. It has the same profile pic as my Facebook . I enjoy RPing but I might not always be up for it, do if you ask and I don't respond, then don't throw a hissy fit. l think that's all for now. If I think of anything else, I'll add it. Until the next time I need to update this, BAIIIIIII! ^_^

EDIT: new profile and possibly avatar pic is done by Sky'sTheRealMayor on the Animal Crossing Amino!



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100 / 100
Well, I can't draw, what could I do? :iconrainbowdashshrugplz:

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